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Eurogroup Consulting

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Welcome to the Eurogroup Consulting website

Eurogroup Consulting Alliance is one of Europe’s top consultancy organisations. Our mission: to resolve the questions our clients come up against in the course of their organisation and development work

Eurogroup Consulting has some thirty experienced consultants in Belgium working in four key sectors of the economy: finance, health care, the public sector and industry.

Eurogroup Consulting Alliance has 700 consultants Europe-wide with 10 offices in 10 countries. All these agencies fall under the umbrella of Eurogroup Consulting Alliance.

Eurogroup Consulting provides operational consulting services with a high added value, based on:

  • financial and technological independence: the company capital is held exclusively by the partners, who abide by a strict professional ethic of independence in order to guarantee that their recommendations are neutral and objective.
  • a continuous concern to meet the real needs of clients: combining commitment with proximity and mutual trust, our consultants work closely with their clients, enabling them to extract the maximum benefit from their projects and boost their growth.
  • custom-made assistance: the expertise of our consultants means that the client’s specificities can be integrated in order to use pragmatic, custom-made methods without being side-tracked by prefabricated solutions.

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