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Eurogroup Consulting

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Who are we?

EUROGROUP CONSULTING is a Management Consulting company that aims to create outstanding value for its customer, while being one of the greatest places to work for talented people


At EUROGROUP CONSULTING, we advise companies on their transformation projects. These can be large multinational companies, or Belgian companies working in the financial, public, health care, manufacturing or utilities sector.

We conduct our missions with both passion and the strongest commitment to deliver exceptional results, by providing four kinds of services: Operational Strategy, Change Management, Operational Excellence and Program Management.

Our commitment translates our core values, which are what we believe to be the basis of any successful mission with our client:

We act Independently: it's at the heart of the way we engage with our clients to develop the best solutions suited to their context and sector of activity.

We create Partnerships: we closely work with our clients to develop the right solutions, generating lasting results. A real sense of partnership with our clients is the foundation for long term collaborations and satisfied clients.   

We push Creativity: proven methodologies are a strong starting point, yet every time we are working with a client to improve their business we think out of the box and bring in new ideas to push the limits and remain innovative.

We are Entrepreneurs: this is what makes us tick in developing partnerships and providing value added services to our clients.  

And finally, we apply Pragmatism: our no-nonsense mentality guarantees feasible solutions of which we support the implementation by a hands-on approach 


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