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Eurogroup Consulting

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Arch partners

Arch partners

ARCH extends its footprint by the acquisition of EUROGROUP CONSULTING BELGIUM

As a leading Belgian independent consultancy firm, ARCH specialises in managing business, IT and organisational transitions for large and mid-sized clients in multiple industries. To support its clients even better in achieving sustainable results, ARCH has taken over Eurogroup Consulting Belgium. With its longstanding experience in the Belgian market in sectors like Utilities, Banking and Transport and its focus on mobi- lising businesses and organisations, Eurogroup Consulting Belgium is a perfect match.

Jan Van Laer and Bert Kuypers (Partners of ARCH) :

“Being able to bring the team of Eurogroup Consulting Belgium on board means that our clients can rely on even more people who understand what it means to lead businesses and organisations successfully through complex transitions and improve operational performance. Moreover, this acquisition facilitates clients in the French speaking Belgian market to work with ARCH.”

Thierry Van Dyck (Manager-Director of Eurogroup Consulting Belgium) :

“We are complementary to ARCH as we serve other clients in additional sectors. Yet our approach of ‘The Art of Mobilisation’ is a very “natural fit” with the ‘Making Change Happen’ of ARCH. With the team of ARCH, our clients can benefit from expertise in functional areas, such as HR, Supply Chain and Operational Excellence. I am excited to become part of the ARCH organisation and to implement improvement tracks together.”

Bert Kuypers

+32 (0)475 48 49 34

Jan Van Laer

+32 (0)475 61 75 23

Bert Van Daele

+32 (0)477 34 72 61

Frans Beckers

+32 (0)475 61 14 62

Thierry Van Dyck

+32 (0)475 74 32 35


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