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Eurogroup Consulting

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You are welcome to visit our site and find out about our products and services, and you don't need to provide us with any personal information. However, any orders will give rise to processing of personal data.

If you decide to supply us with personal data, we will handle this in line with the legal requirements in force in Belgium, i.e. the Law of 8th December 1992 modified by the Law of 11th December 1998.

Processing Manager :

Any details of a personal nature which you may provide will be stored and processed by EUROGROUP CONSULTING, Avenue Louise 523 - 1000 BRUSSELS.

Purpose of data processing :

If you submit data of a personal nature in your order form, we will process this for the following purposes :

  • With a view to handling the order;
  • For the issuing, collection and checking of invoices;
  • To advise you of new services and promotions (if you agree to this).

The data will not be held longer than is necessary for the processing of your order unless you wish to subscribe to the information service.

Details are only passed to third parties for the execution of your orders.

Permission to process your data :

By providing us with personal data, you are agreeing to our processing this information for the purposes indicated. If we wish to process your data for direct marketing purposes in the context of our information service, we will provide a checkbox in the form. You can withdraw your agreement at any time.


Our site doesn't use cookies.

Your Rights

If you would like to be notified free of charge of any of your personal data which may be held, send a dated, signed request to EUROGROUP CONSULTING, Avenue Louise 523 - 1000 BRUSSELS, with proof of identity (copy of identity card). You will be notified of your data within 45 days of receipt of your request.

If you wish, you may ask for the correction or removal of any incomplete, irrelevant or incorrect data regarding yourself.

Getting in touch

If you have any questions regarding this text or the protection of your data, please contact us :


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